Oakland City Hall

Oakland city hall is the tallest building found in California built in the year 1914. It was the first tallest building in United States of American government. It was designed by a New York architecture 4 years down before the beginning of construction. Oakland

Oakland city hall consist of three tiers in which the bottom one is a foundation and consist of a mayor’s office, city council chamber, hearing room and police chamber.

There is also a 36 cell jail in the 12th floor of the second tier in which none of them has never been used. On the last tier there is a podium with clock on top. The exterior of the tier has been built using white granite and terra cotta which looks beautiful and attractive while the inside of it is constructed using white and black marbles which also look presentable.

Have you ever asked yourself why the building is called Mayor Mott’s wedding cake? Listen now if you want to know why. There was a former Oakland mayor known as Franck Kanning Mott who was playing a very important role of passing the bond to pay for the hall and married the same year the construction began, on top of that the building was eventually constructed in a style resembling a rectangle wedding cake.

The building got affected in 1989 after the earthquake which happened in Loma Prieta hence the government of US were supposed to close down the building. However the government officials decided to repairer the building. This was not that easy as you may think since it took them time to do so. The foundation were replaced by rubber bearing to make the building more firm and many techniques were applied to prevent it from being damaged again in case of any disaster.

All these were done with an aim of building a new office building for the government of US.